Out the Gate - Soundtrack
Various Artists
Girl I'll Come Over
Wayne Wonder feat. E-Dee
Wine Pon Di Buddy
Pon Di Table

If I Was Your Girl
Ms. Triniti

#1 Jamaica, March 2012

Rightful Place

Top 10 Jamaica, #8pp 10/10

Burnin Burnin
Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man

Top 20 Jamaica, RE,CVM,Hype 10/08
Yutes Nowadays

Heavy Irie play /Kick Hard Riddim
Wi Burnin
Ms. Triniti
Featured in Center Stage 2

E-Dee feat. Irie Love
#3 JAMAICA REGGAE CHARTS 11/07 Best Reggae Collab Jamaica EME Nominee

Bongce Along
Ms. Triniti feat. E-Dee

"Wi Burnin"
Ms. Triniti
Wi Burnin (Woy Yoy Yoy)

Ms. Triniti is back with her follow up to Bongce Along, once again with a club heater whos hooky verses and catchy choruses bring fire to the dancefloor!!

E-Dee ft. Irie Love

The EME award nominated reworking of the classic by Dennis Brown, E-Dee and Irie Love shine on this hard hitting number. The video reached number #1 in Jamaica and the song went to #3 on the Jamaica Top 10 Reggae Songs. Still catching on in the US, it continues to grow a following.

"Bongce Along"
Ms Triniti feat. E-Dee

Bongce Along - feat. E-Dee

The Blazing dancehall banger that has hit #16 for 5 weeks on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles Sales Chart, on rotation at Top 40 Radio at KKUU Palm Springs, KNDA Corpus Cristi, Irie-FM jamaica. The video is #3 and climbing in Jamaica. The song, included on two Top Selling Compilations in Japan, is building momentum in the US.

JA 2 LA 2 di World
JA 2 LA 2 Di World - Reveiw in THE BEAT

Its a double-edged sword trying to be a dancehall dj in Jamaica, especially since the age of 12 years. Such is the case for E-Dee, a Los Angeles-based long, lanky dj from Clarendon, Jamaica. On his lp, JA 2 LA 2 Di World, once you get past the very unaesthetic choices for his album artwork, jumping into E-Dee's high enegy from the first track "Fiyah Burn" featuring rapper Father Times, isn't all that difficult. And when he's aided by the scintillating, sexy vocals of singer Jahzmyne on "Cruise" over an exotic-flavored ragga riddim, E-Dee connects effortlessly on this party mover with an unmistakable skill for riding and roughing up the microphone right. With most of these tracks and riddims produced by Qmillion, E-Dee explodes "Ding Dong" style over the "Jagga" riddim for "Jack it Up" and the dance floor is destined to fill up with him continuing over the "Reddi" riddim for his single "R U Ready?" Besides strong songs such as "Sic N Tired" and the rub-a-dub feel of "Between The Sheets" again featuring Jahzmyne, check his sweetest "Sugar Cane" if you're not dieting for the summer.
-Mr. Marlon

Unseen Famili - Compilation Vol I.
Unseen Famili : Compilation Vol 1 - Reveiw in THE BEAT

Here's a newly assembled posse of promising dancehall, hip-hop and r&b talent known as the Unseen Famili, with artists such as E-Dee, Ms. Triniti, Junior P, Jahzmyne, Father Times and of course maestro Qmillion behind the boards. The mixtape kicks off with E-Dee on "More Girls" and Ms. Triniti on "Nah Go Hold Us Back" both over the "Sigi Tolo" riddim that makes it just impossible not to get into. By the time the puslating tonic of the "Got Milk" riddim flings Junior P's "Hot Ride" in, you'll certify this crew as legit especially with Junior P's never missing-a-beat flow on the mic. A seasoned veteran in the Rastafari family of djs, he demonstrates nuff experience in all of his recordings. Ms Triniti closes this intoxicating riddim's session with her "Fa da Luv of da Dancehall" but with more undiscovered riddims brewed in the sunny Unseen Lab of California, even a roots rub-a-dub, one drop "Freedom" riddim cooks up in this pot of bubbling talent where Junior P sings "They Should Have Known", while Irie Love on "Revival" blesses up melodic consciousness and Jahzmyne on "Fingertips" turns the direction towards more of a lovers rock feel, and just like great sex, you'll wish her singing wouldn't end. - Mr Marlon

R U Ready b/w
Between The Sheets

"R U Ready" "Between The Sheets"

Review in THE BEAT

On the B-side to his" R U Ready?" single, taken from his forthcoming debut album, JA 2 LA 2 di World, dancehall dj E-Dee and producer Qmillion take the musical shortcut by first flippin Biggie Smalls' "Big Poppa" hit wich used the Isley Brothers' sample of "Between the Sheets", but they go even further by lulling singer Jahzmyne into a smooth soulful chorus-hook, just like the original. A shortcut sometimes might get you lost, but on this route, look for this one to find radio easily, way ahead of any incoming dancehall/R&B hits with crossover appeal. -Mr. Marlon

Song Artist iTunes .99c Yahoo Music eMusic
Bongce Along Ms Triniti f/ E-Dee
R U Ready? E-Dee
Between The Sheets E-Dee f/ Jahzmyne
Mama E-Dee
Hot Already Bless Man
Onward Ice
Gimme What I Like Jahzmyne
Afrika Junior P.
Fa Da Love Of Da Dancehall Ms Triniti
Any Weh U Like It Ms Triniti
Revival Irie Love